Songhi Studio

A music studio, like Garage Band, but in your browser!


Songhi Studio was a HTML based music studio for students to learn the basics of music composition and create their own tracks. Users can create their own compositions with a simple to use interface of adding beats to a grid, or choose from a variety of premade patterns. A huge collection of curated instruments enable users to create an unlimited variety of tracks from a range of genres. Sound effects are available to make some funky tunes even better. Users can also create their own instruments by recording their own samples and even make 'magic' instruments using just their voice and pitch shifting.

We used some bleeding edge technology on this project. Web workers for audio processing and timing. Advanced Web Audio API including sound effects and rendering MP3s from song data right there in the browser! The UI was built in React, with Redux for state management.


  • Web workers for audio processing and timing
  • Web Audio API for sound playback, sound effects, and MP3 rendering
  • LameJS for MP3 encoding
  • React and Redux for the UI
  • Styled components throughout for easy component maintainability