GGs Drive Inn

A responsive and dynamic Wordpress site build on the _s theme from scratch. Built with SASS.


A cafe promotion site for GGs Drive Inn, Manitoba, Canada. Built from scratch with the "_s" theme from Automattic using SASS preprocessor with backrops of local food and an interactive full page navigation menu. The site is single page with a responsive navbar coded in vanilla JavaScript. Each section is navigable quickly and easily an on smaller devices the navigation will be optional with a menu button for transition animation. The customer wanted to update the specials part of the site monthly, so intensive training was given on the Wordpress dashboard and updating posts and pages.


  • Built with _s theme from Automattic.
  • Uses SASS preprocessor for templating and variables.
  • Image editing and custom overlays with CSS3.
  • Responsive navigation built from scratch with vanilla JavaScript.
  • Customer training for use of the Wordpress dashboard.