A game builder for primary school children and teachers to create their own learning games without coding


Builder was created to enable school children to have the freedom to play and create their own learning games to share with their teachers and classmates.

A drag and drop interface, a customisable UI, and the ability to add multiple roles to different objects within the game created the possibilities for a multitude of learning game types.

Success within Hong Kong and Finland made it quite popular within early years education, especially for teachers that wanted to create learning games that were part of the curriculum.

On the frontend we used React for the UI, css web animations, and the Web Audio API for interactive and immersive experiences.

For the backend we had a Node, Express, MongoDB for user profiles, saving games, and sharing them with the world.


  • Interactive game builder using the latest in CSS web animation and web audio
  • React, Node, Express, MongoDB stack
  • User testing and development workflow based on user feedback in primary schools
  • An array of prop types allowed the creation of unlimited number of learning games