An athlete community app built with Node, React, and Mongo. With over 650 cities, city guides, and tips.


NomadWorkout is blazingly fast. Built with NodeJS, MongoDB, and ReactJS.

Users can search the database of cities, contact city guides, become city guides and add tips. On each city you can view popular routes, current athletes, nutrition, groups, and tips. Users can also sort cities by certain parameters and by monthly weather data to find new places to visit that match the environment they enjoy working out in.

The objective is to create a global community of athletes that support eachother travel.

There is an on-demand service that contacts weather data and Strava information on the fly, compiles the data, creates a city and returns JSON data that gives an overview of athlete activities. This can take just 3 seconds to achieve.

Security and spamming are combatted with with data sanitisation, Google reCaptcha, and passport authentication on all routes that access the main data stores.


  • NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, Express
  • Strava and Facebook Authentication
  • Weather data populated from NCDC with multiple API calls for a 3 year average
  • Athlete data populated from Strava API
  • Multiple routes for users to add themselves or view information
  • Security with helmetJS to set headers, Google reCaptcha, sanitised date before adding to MongoDB.