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Interesting learnings from the field of sports science and mental resilience

2019 A Year In Review

A deep dive into my training of 2019, what's staying, and what's going for 2020

Exercise and Mental Health

Aerobic exercise can mitigate symptoms, facilitate recovery from, and prevent the relapse of mental health conditions.

Ultra Trail Panoramic 50km, Chiang Mai, Thailand

🏆 1st Place - Perfect Long Run Pacing But More To Give 🏆

"Don't shrink any task because of its arduousness"

Training is hard. Accepting and embracing this is the only way to reach peak performance.

Fasted Training For Distance Runners

Fasted training could improve your speed at all intensities. Why? How? Read on.

Of All Phenomena, The Mind The Forerunner

Our mind interprets our world. Consciousness comes first. What does this mean for athletes?

Cycling and Running Performance

Can cycling support your running? Will it make you faster, slower, stronger, weaker?

Zone 2 Training For Fell Runners

Stuck in a rut? Not improving? Zone 2 training will transform your running, making you more resilient, happier and healthier.